Terms and Conditions


Attention: always verify in advance for a clear title before paying for a vehicle.


We encourage our clients to contact their inspector for possible explanations of faults or problems that are discovered. Vehicle authenticity/verification is solely the responsibility of the buyer. VIN, engine numbers, and chassis numbers are checked for falsification, but the report is not a guarantee or warranty for any purpose.

Inspection and assessment are based on visual and auditory observation only, and no alterations have been made to the car’s components or disassembly to verify diagnoses.

However, Alpha Vehicle Inspections’ inspectors ensure that each detail is documented at the time of inspection. Inspectors will not report on defects they cannot see or are not visible during the inspection. If a vehicle is not drivable or in working order, the inspector is not responsible for providing details on engine and transmission performance. An ECU scan will not be performed if the car battery is dead or if the car was manufactured before 1996 or no connectivity between scan tool and computers due to electrical problems. The inspection summary indicates the Exterior, Interior, and Mechanical condition in the report.

Alpha Vehicle Inspections conducts inspections VISUALLY and non-mechanically only. Inspectors are not liable for faults discovered later that were not apparent through visual or auditory observation during the inspection. Our inspectors use the latest technology tools and acceptable procedures to detect faults, but these methods do not necessarily detect every problem in the vehicle. The make and condition of the vehicle should be considered, and the report should be reviewed within this context.

The inspection report is only current at the time the inspection was performed. The buyer is responsible for visually inspecting the vehicle before making a purchase. The report should not be treated as a certificate of roadworthiness – contact the appropriate roadworthy authority in your state or territory for roadworthy certificate provisions. The inspection does not guarantee that the vehicle is roadworthy or might be able to pass the roadworthy test.

Before the vehicle undergoes the road drive test as part of the inspection, the customer must ensure that the vehicle can be driven safely, registration is current, and has sufficient fuel. The vehicle will only be tested on the road at the permitted speed for the local area.

The inspector is required to call (from a private number) each customer after sending the inspection report during working hours. If the customer cannot receive a call, the inspector will attempt to call a few more times. Inspectors are not allowed to receive calls or text messages for health & safety reasons during working hours, as this may impact their focus while completing the report and test driving a vehicle.

In severe weather conditions, inspections can only be carried out in a covered area; otherwise, rescheduling or cancellation is required.

Alpha Vehicle Inspections’ report does not provide a warranty of any nature, credibility, accuracy, or inclusiveness of any data contained in the report or the accuracy of the data on the report for any other purpose or intention. Our inspector will not verify recall notices from the vehicle manufacturer, and the vehicle owner should confirm that the vehicle is not under a recall notice.

Inspection times may vary from the scheduled time. Traffic or other unforeseen circumstances could impact the schedule. However, the inspector will contact the seller if the time changes.

Alpha Vehicle Inspections’ report is sent immediately after the inspection. We do not recommend the buyer to attend the inspection. Attending the inspection could cause distractions and compromise the occupational health and safety of the inspector.

Alpha Vehicle Inspections’ inspection time may vary depending on different types of cars.


  • Brake fluid contamination/hydraulic fluid leaks
  • ABS system
  • Drum brakes and wheel cylinders leaks
  • Trip computer readings such as oil and fuel consumption
  • Cruise control and other computer systems
  • Reasons for oil leaks
  • Oil pump and strainer for sludge build-up
  • Oil burning issues
  • Causes of vehicle smoke
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Transmission mechanics
  • Engine mounts
  • Water pump
  • Water leaks or reasons for leaks
  • Timing belt, oil pump belt, balancer, and drive belt
  • Clutch and flywheel
  • Repairs or service history of the vehicle
  • Functionality of audio or entertainment systems, including CD, Cassette, TV, DVD, iPod connectivity, sensors, alarm/security devices, satellite navigation systems/GPS
  • Emissions test
  • Catalytic converter
  • Aftermarket or additional accessories included as a result of owner modifications
  • Mechanical switching of wipers and lights
  • LPG systems
  • Fuel filter and fuel consumption
  • Air conditioning performance

Note: Alpha Vehicle Inspections does not offer engine compression tests. If there are concerns about the accuracy of this report, please contact the Alpha Vehicle Inspections team before performing any work. No warranty on prior restoration records, measurements of frame alignment, or removed components is provided. A final visual inspection of a vehicle at the time of sale is the responsibility of the buyer;

Alpha Vehicle Inspections is not liable for dents, damage, or condition changes after the initial inspection. Clients are advised to view or print the inspection report in color. Otherwise, please check with Alpha Vehicle Inspections for an electronic copy. We encourage buyers to verify with appropriate authorities in Australia for any type of write-off record before purchasing the vehicle. However, with our premium inspection service, we attach car history as a separate report. Add-ons are available for PPSR, car history check, car valuation, and ECU tests under other inspection services. Inspection report warranty policy for full refund:

Alpha Vehicle Inspections’ inspection report warranty covers the following:

For Comprehensive and Premium inspection services.

Inspector fails to identify a fault that was visually apparent at the time of inspection.

Inspector fails to provide verbal or photo evidence of what was inspected.

To claim a refund, the customer must provide proof or evidence that the fault or damage existed at the time of inspection.

Customer Obligations:

The vehicle will be inspected at the location advised by the customer (or owner of the vehicle) to Alpha Vehicle Inspections. The customer must ensure that the booked vehicle is at the location mentioned in the booking at the time of inspection or make the vehicle available at the location at the time of inspection.

The complete report is for the individual named in the inspection report and must not be provided to any other third party.

The buyer is responsible for searching the vehicle’s security to determine if the vehicle is a write-off or if the Vehicle Identification Number or engine number is not authentic. It is not the responsibility of the Alpha Vehicle Inspections inspector to confirm the accuracy of the vehicle’s mileage.

Any major mechanical repairs carried out on the vehicle must be disclosed to the inspector, as well as any structural damage due to collisions or natural causes such as hail or wind damage. Alpha Vehicle Inspections relies on the complete disclosure and accuracy of the above information from the buyer/seller and does not take responsibility for any discrepancies in the report resulting from incorrect information provided by the buyer/seller.

The inspection report from Alpha Vehicle Inspections should not be considered as a recommendation to buy or not to buy the vehicle. The customer should make a decision based on factors they deem relevant to their investigation and inquiry.

Alpha Vehicle Inspections Car Valuation Policy:

Alpha Vehicle Inspections has prepared a car valuation certificate using information provided by the owner, pre-purchase inspection condition report, and multiple information sources on the vehicle. Alpha Vehicle Inspections does not take responsibility for the data provided by the vehicle’s owner or auto service sources, the accuracy of the estimation, and should not be relied upon without conducting your own assessment of the vehicle.

Alpha Vehicle Inspections does not take liability for any potential loss or damage (other than any liability which might not by law be excluded) involving how you use and rely on this certificate. Alpha Vehicle Inspections has made every reasonable effort to provide accurate data but does not guarantee or represent any use and reliance on the car valuation certificate.

When our inspector checks the car, if any existing issues are exposed or found, Alpha Vehicle Inspections is not responsible for any repairs.

Insurance: Our Business Insurance is Capricorn Risk Services. It covers Public Liability and Product Liability, which includes the customer’s vehicle at the time of Inspection.