Major service

It’s no secret that many people find scheduling vehicle servicing a tedious task that requires time and effort taking a car to the workshop and moving around the city paying taxi fares. Here at Alpha Mobile Mechanics we offer a professional mobile mechanic range of services to assist you no matter where your car is. Stop postponing your car’s major service and prevent a major issue from appearing that may stop your car for an entire day and even a couple of days, this habit will sooner or later accrue a number of minor issues that will require extra attention and a longer and more expensive service.

A major car service is that process that includes a thorough inspection of your vehicle, checking many different aspects and making sure all parts are working fine. Some of the steps comprehended in this process are:

  • Checking the exterior of your car, looking for dents, scratches or any type of physical damage received by your vehicle and determining its repercussions in the normal functioning of the unit.
  • Inspecting the brake system, including brakes, pads, discs, drums and more. Along with the fluids required for its functioning.
  • Checking all fluids are refilled and with a normal colour.
  • Fuel filter and oil filter replacement. Checking pedal rubbers as well.
  • Checking boot, door, clutch and bonnet operation.
  • Inspecting the suspension system, looking for leaks and levels in the coolant system and refilling hydraulic systems.


Of course, a major service includes many other steps in order to determine your vehicle is working at full potential. The service includes engine and vehicle wash to ensure your car is back to the road looking like a new vehicle.  

Making sure your vehicle receives professional major service will save you from much more expensive services in the future due to complicated issues that require part replacement and more. Alpha Mobile Mechanics is the smartest option to save time and money, we go to the place where your car is and make sure it is back to new. Contact us today for more information.