Guide the vehicle on the road

The steering system is a set of mechanisms whose purpose is to orient the front wheels so that the driver, without any effort, can guide the vehicle on the road.

Mainly, the steering system is composed of a series of elements that work as follows: the driver controls the car’s trajectory by means of the steering wheel, which will drive the steering bar, which is responsible for attaching it to the steering box.

It owes its name to when it consisted of a single rigid piece (a bar) but to be precise today it is several smaller pieces that can be folded in case of an accident. Once the steering box receives the movement, by means of the gears it transmits it to the wheels.

The box can be, as we will see later, of various types, such as a zipper or recirculating balls, although if it is a steering box of this type, in the end we will find a connecting rod that will connect the box to the central rod. In all other cases, the rod is attached to the steering box directly, to send the movement to the steering terminals: a series of ball joints that are linked to the steering wheels and absorb the irregularities of the road.

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