Air condition

Air conditioning is a fundamental part of any car, but there are times when it starts to fail or smell very bad. Therefore, it is advisable to do maintenance every 6 months. At Alpha Mobile Mechanics we provide air conditioning service and make sure your car is in proper status to ensure your comfort is untouched during the summer season.

The main part to pay attention is the radiator. Why the radiator? Well, it turns out that the air that leaves the air conditioner passes through the radiator, which is why occasionally it is good to take a look, since it can be covered with insects and dirt, which can damage other parts of the car.

And although this cleaning is preventive and you can carry it out yourself, it’s a very effective way to avoid problems with the air conditioning, here we will detail certain recommendations for the most common problems:

  • The air conditioner doesn’t cool the car
    If when turning on the air does not cool as it should be, place a thermometer through one of the air outlets, you wait 10 minutes, and if at that time it marks the same temperature as you had previously, it must lack strength. In this case, we can assume that you have a compressor failure, or that one of the cabin filters is clogged by dirt.
  • Bad smell
    If it happens that when you turn on the air it starts to smell bad, even though you have changed the filter, it must be because during the time it was not in use fungi or bacteria have proliferated in the ducts. So when changing the filter it is necessary to inject fungicidal spray into the air ducts, then put them in recirculation with the windows closed for 10 minutes, so you will eliminate the bad smell that the air conditioning gave off.
  • Temperature
    Do not place the air at less than 22 degrees C, since doing so increases consumption by up to 20%.


For deep cleaning of your air conditioner or any other services required by your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us.