When you least expect it, an emergency situation may force you to stop the car when you are on the road. Whether it is a breakdown, a flat tire or an issue with one of the passengers, what you should be clear about is how to do it safely. Alpha Mobile Mechanics is where you will find a quick solution to an emergency breakdown, we offer specialised roadside assistance to help you bring your ca back to the road and save you time, effort and stress from having to take the vehicle to a workshop.

If you have an emergency breakdown while you are on the road, these are some recommendations to prevent any other issues.

  1. Stop the car
    Stop the car in a safe place as soon as possible. And if you are driving on a highway or highway, it is mandatory and safer to leave it at the first exit and get out of the way.
  2. Get out of the car and use the signalling triangle
    Put on the reflective vest before you step outside the car, especially at night. Put the signalling triangle and locate them 50 meters ahead and behind the car (on two-way roads) and so that they are visible at a distance of 100 meters.
  3. Protect the people that is in the car with you
    If other people accompany you, make sure they do not invade the road and if you have more than one reflective vest in the car, it is advisable that they put it on if they are going to leave the vehicle.
  4. Wait for our unit with professional mechanics to take care of the issue.
    Once the triangles are placed, call Alpha Mobile Mechanics and wait for them to provide your car comprehensive and efficient service and repair using the latest tools and equipment.

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