Euro car service

The European car boom occurred in the middle of the post-war period and in the midst of a serious financial crisis, so it was a priority to offer small, cheap and low maintenance cars. But these cars offered something that most American brands didn’t, most of them being a small, practical and easy-to-park vehicle ideal for moving through the narrow streets of the old continent. These differences are not only present in the outside, but also in the engine and the parts involved in the proper functioning of your car such as the engine.

Here at Alpha Mobile Mechanics we offer specialised Euro car services that come to your place wherever it is. This is an excellent service if you want to same time and effort and making sure your European car is a classy unit working at its peak. But how different can a European car and a car from another place be? Let’s dig into some of the main differences to understand our European vehicle and why Alpha Mobile Mechanics’ Euro car service is the right option for you to keep driving safely:


  • Engine.
    Most European brands have 4 cylinders while most Japanese and American brands are V6 or V8 engines. For this reason, Euro cars’ fuel consumption is different.
  • Transmission.
    Most European cars move with manual gear cars. A less and less marked difference, but that has long been a clear difference with American units.
  • Materials.
    Most cars from other places do not have the same fame as European vehicles, in terms of quality. In Europe, fancy designs and durable finishes are demanded before the car hits the road.


At Alpha Mobile Mechanics we have a team of qualified experts that will make sure your European car is back on the road running smoothly and making sure there are no major issues affecting its performance. Alpha Mobile sends a unit with all the equipment required to offer Euro car service that completely exceeds your expectations, this way you can have peace of mind while we take care of your vehicle’s service. Contact us today and extend your Euro car’s lifespan.