Hybrid car service

Alpha Mobile Mechanics specialises in many different aspects of car servicing, but we make sue your vehicle works at its peak and provide you with an accessible service that is not only easy to receive, since we go to your place and service your car exactly where it is, but also for our experts’ level of specialisation. We make sure your car is left like new, and this applies for European car, hybrid cars or any type of vehicle.

Hybrid cars are becoming more popular with the passing of time. Most people are aware of the benefits of driving a hybrid car, the reduction in contaminating emissions and a very sustainable system. However, it is also important to make sure the vehicle receives proper servicing so its lifespan will be expanded and no minor issues will turn into serious issues that may require you stop your car.

Some of the most common problems present in hybrid cars are these:

Problems with the electrical system wiring
When the odometer of the car goes over 60,000 kilometres, it is possible that the cables may deteriorate and can even burn them. The price of the repair varies depending on the extent of the issue: if you only have to change the wiring the cost would be less than 100 dollars, but if the repair requires replacement of both the cables and the battery it may be much more. You can prevent this scheduling hybrid car service with Alpha Mobile Mechanics every 10000 kilometres.

Breaking the service connector
Plug-in hybrids can present problems in the service connector since when they are recharging, during the charging process, it reaches very high temperatures that, in extreme cases, can cause it to burn. We recommend doing a preventive replace or, if it has deteriorated, the replacement for which you use the non-pluggable version.

Issues with the gearbox
The worst problem that a hybrid car could present is the one that affects the gearbox associated with the inverter, since it is a fundamental part of the vehicle. Although the probability of damage is low, its failure determines the operation of the car. And this component has three functions: it acts as a gearbox, alternator that generates power and starter.

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