Engine repairs

The operation of the brakes is basically as follows:


The main objective of an engine tuning is to recover and maintain the service and the original efficiency of the vehicle. This is achieved by replacing parts that, due to normal use, wear out or lose their effectiveness in operation, and through a detailed cleaning of some engine components.

Tuning your car helps to consume less gasoline, for the engine to perform better, for less pollutant emission and for cold starting to be fast, so the tuning of the car must be done in a timely manner, depending on the use be given and the number of daily hours and distances that are travelled.

Engine tuning

The tuning consists of spark plug changes, oil and gasoline filters, oil change and valve cleaning, all this gives a guarantee to extend the engine’s life, also allows to obtain a good performance in gasoline consumption.

If the car is used daily it is advisable to make the tuning every two months, but to ensure that the tuning is correct, it is not necessary to go to an automotive specialist, unfortunately many mechanics perform this service without taking into account factors to achieve a good tuning.