Log book service

Log book servicing is an excellent way to keep your car running smoothly and preventing major failures in the future. This is a comprehensive service adapted to your cars manufacturer’s specification. There is an important number of benefits regular log book service provides to your car. In the following list you will find the top 3 advantages of including log book servicing as a part of your car’s maintenance schedule:


Extend your vehicle’s service life.

Professional log book servicing includes essential inspection and procedures required to determine whether your vehicle is working at its peak or not. Regular log book service will allow you to enjoy full performance through your car’s lifespan, saving your repair costs.


It’s necessary to keep your new car’s warranty.

Although, log book servicing is an adaptable service from which every car, no matter its age/value will benefit from, it’s a requirement if you want to keep your manufacturer’s original warranty.


Get the best resale value

Regular logbook servicing ensures a higher resale value whenever you decide to sell your vehicle. If the record reflects your car is a well-maintained vehicle, they buyer will consider this at the time of the purchase.

Skipping log book servicing can entail annoying consequences such as decreased fuel efficiency and the need of frequent repairs.

In spite of the benefits professional book service offers to car owners, surveys find that only 6 or 7 of every 10 Australian car owners are regular with their vehicle’s log book service. The rest of the car owners say that their busy schedule keeps them from doing the regular log book check-ups. With Alpha Mobile Mechanics a busy schedule is no longer a reason to skip your car’s log book service. Selecting our car services you can have peace of mind knowing truly skilled professionals are performing an expert maintenance service according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.  We only use quality parts for all our repairs and maintenance procedures.

At the side of the road, in your garage or at work, Alpha Mobile Mechanics goes there to check that your vehicle is working at peak performance.