Brake Repair

One of the main concerns that every driver should take into account is safety. Thus, when repairs are made, experts need to pay a lot of attention to the brake system and to the state of all the elements of both active and passive safety. Remember that in the car’s active safety systems, the brake system is vital. Therefore, taking care and making a perfect brake repair is a priority.

A complete review of the braking system is what will give us the safety level we need to stay comfort when we are on the road. To achieve this, we need the experience of professionals that will check each one of these parts:

  • Pills review. We check that bolts, staples and brackets are in good condition and well installed. In addition, we also check if the friction material is well attached to the support, without cracks or abnormal wear. The usual thing is to replace them when there are 3 millimetres of usable tablet.
  • Brake fluid check. We check that the level is adequate and that the tank is clean. Of course, check fluid leaks. This can tell us if there is humidity near the connections or the clamping nut. Whenever you have to refill liquid, consult the manufacturer’s instructions, especially regarding quality.
  • Master cylinder check. Also known as brake pump. We check that the ventilation holes in the cylinder tank cover are clean and open.
  • Review of hoses and connections. We check that there is no leak and pay attention to possible tears or cracks in the sleeves, as well as chafing near terminals or fittings.

Knowing everything that needs to be explored, a first step is taken for a perfect brake repair. The following is to know the most frequent breakdowns that you can face and their solutions:

  • Leakage in the circuit. We check it completely, try to repair the leak and, if you can’t, replace the defective part.
  • Air in the system. The entire system must be purged.
  • Low liquid level or contaminated liquid. We fill with liquid of the same quality, preferably the one recommended by the manufacturer. If it has been filled with improper liquid, clean the system with methyl alcohol and then refill with the appropriate liquid.
  • Worn pads or discs. They may be worn or stained with grease or brake fluid. In the case of wear, replacement is recommended. If they are stained, it will mean that there is a leak, so first find it and repair it. Then we clean the stained areas.
  • Faults in the master cylinder. The rubber can be swollen, which would have to replace dust caps and seals, as well as clean the system, and then refill it with liquid.
  • Piston calliper stuck. The piston chamber is cleaned, lubricated and the seal changed. It also might not back up correctly, so you should repair the calliper. If the tablets rub against such calliper, the supports of the tablets must be lubricated.

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