Minor service

Minor car service is that service carried out every 10000 km approximately. This is especially true for new vehicles that need to be kept in optimal conditions and run smoothly, as well as needed to determine if any of the vehicle parts is not working properly as it may affect the manufacturer’s warranty. In this service we include every process that affects your vehicle’s performance such as:

  • Changing the oil and the oil filter.
  • Inspecting all belts, hoses, brakes, fluids.
  • Checking coolant level, brake fluid level, all lights operation and more.


Think of minor services as the procedure that makes sure your car is in optimal operational condition, this way any issues and minor failures will not turn into a serious problem that may require stopping your car until a mechanic is able to carry out a major service or part replacement. At Alpha Mobile Mechanics we proudly offer an accessible service that is one call away from you, no matter where your car is right now. We are proud of helping car owners and saving them time and effort from having to take their vehicle to a workshop, spending time caught in the traffic and paying taxi fares to while their car is receiving service.

With Alpha Mobile Mechanics all work is completed:

  • Using quality vehicle parts if a replacement is required.
  • According to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • With the expertise and skill level of our professional staff.


Our services have a 12-month warranty on parts and all labour, this way our clients can rest assured that their vehicles will keep working properly and you will not need to schedule a major service soon.

Some car owners decide to skip this process thinking it’s not so important, or they prefer to do it themselves as it can be considered a simple task. However, bear in mind that qualified experts will pay a lot of attention to every single detail and give you some recommendations to extend your vehicle’s service life.

Contact us today and schedule your minor service with Alpha Mobile Mechanics, we will drive to your location with all the equipment needed to perform this task properly.