Major Service

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Minor ServiceMajor
Alpha plus Service
Engine - Under bonnet   
Change engine oil
Replace oil filter
Replace sump washer
Inspect drivebelt - adjustment
Inspect for engine oil leaks
Check engine mounts
Check for vacuum leaks
Check PCV valve operation
Engine noise - Performance
Check tappets/lifters
Check timing belt - and report if replacement due according to mileage or age. 
Replace air filter 
Ignition & Fuel System   
Check spark plugs
Replace spark plugs (if applicable) 
Inspect/replace points (if applicable) 
Electronic fuel consumption check 
Inspect distributor cap (if applicable) 
Inspect rotor button (if applicable) 
Inspect coils 
Inspect distributor advance (if applicable) 
Inspect ignition leads 
Check and adjust ignition timing 
Inspect & adjust gapping 
Check & adjust idle 
Replace fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank) 
Inspect air filter & fuel filter
Check fuel pump & injector operation 
Check for fault codes stored in memory   
Check EFI system 
Inspect fuel lines & hoses 
Check & adjust carburettor float level (if applicable) 
Check battery voltage
Check ignition coil voltage 
Inspect battery cables
Check alternator operation
Check starter motor operation
Brake System   
Check brake fluid condition
Replace brake fluid 
Check brake fluid level
Check brake pads for wear or damage.
Check brake callipers for leaks and security
Inspect disc rotors - drums
Check brake master cylinder
Check brake servo operation.
Inspect wheel cylinders
Inspect brake lines
Check handbrake operation
Adjust handbrake ( if needed)  
Cooling System   
Inspect radiator condition
Inspect water pump
Inspect heater core
Inspect for coolant leaks
Inspect coolant quality & level
Inspect radiator & heater hoses
Inspect hose clamps
Inspect thermostat & housing
Inspect welsh plugs
Check electric cooling fan operation where applicable.
Coolant flush ( if applicable) 
Steering & Suspension   
Check steering and suspension components for wear and corrosion
Check steering rack gaiters condition.
Check wheel bearings for excessive play or roughness 
Carry out shock absorber bounce test.
Grease steering and suspension where applicable.
Check steering operation 
Lubrication & Grease as Required   
All grease nipples
Suspension components 
Accelerator cables/linkages 
Clutch/transmission linkages 
Lubricate door strikers
Windscreen washer bottle
Tyre Condition
Drive System   
Check for correct gearbox operation.
Check for correct clutch operation.
Top up gearbox fluid where applicable and not sealed. 
Inspect clutch cable & linkages
Check and top up axle and/or transaxle oil if applicable
Check drive shaft gaitors for security and report leaks
Check and top up clutch fluid where applicable.
Renew transmission fluid/gear oil  
Replace transmission filter (if applicable)  
Replace pan gasket (if applicable)  
Adjust bands (if applicable)  
Inspect for oil leaks  
Exhaust System   
Inspect engine pipes & mufflers
Visual check catalytic converter
Electronic check catalytic converter  
Inspect exhaust mounts
Inspect exhaust manifold
Visual check for exhaust smoke
Other Electrical   
Check operation of exterior lights.
Check horn.
Check diesel heater plug indicator operation where fitted. 
Check wiper operation
Check dashboard warning or service lights.
Replace cabin/pollen filter 
Check windscreen washer operations, align jets and top up if required.
Check windscreen for chips and cracks. 
Check mirror condition (interior and exterior).
Check seatbelts - front and rear including lap belt.
Lubricate bonnet catch. 
Road Test Vehicle