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Brake Pad Replacment

Alpha Mobile Mechanics check and replace your brakes at your convenience.

We come to you! At your work, your home or even if your car breaks down.


Alpha Mobile Mechanics can check and replace your disc brake and brake pads at your convenience! That means the time and place that suits you best!

Once one of our fully qualified mechanics comes, they will carry out the following:
  • Lift vehicle and remove wheels
  • Check all brake pads
  • Check all disc rotors
  • Check callipers/cylinder/lines
  • You receive a brake condition report
  • Replace brake pads required
  • Replace disc rotors required
  • Test drive – Test brakes

All our work comes with 1 year or 20.000km warranty on labour and parts!

We use high quality parts only.

Looking To Find A Brake Repair Shop Near Me?

We come to you whether you’re at home, at work or broken down on the side of the road.

No need to go searching for a ‘’Brake repair shop near me’’ because we come to you!

No need to tow your car to the nearest workshop which will add an additional cost on your car repair.

For your brake specialist that comes to you!